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About Logo Products

 “If you don’t come see me today, I can’t save you any money.”

This slogan was made famous in the Portland, Oregon area by a local car dealer many years-ago. John Adams, founder of Logo Products in March of 1998, took the car dealer up on their offer and bought a brand new Ford pickup truck. If you’ve ever bought a new pickup, you know that  the next step is to personalize your vehicle with all the various automotive accessories. Adams set out to find a canopy, spray in bedliner, and most importantly, a two inch receiver hitch to tow the family boat.

 A long time football season ticket holder at Autzen Stadium, Adams made regular trips to the University of Oregon’s Duck Shop in Portland. On one visit to the Duck Shop, Adams inquired what types of automotive accessories would make his new truck look “cool.” He was directed to the section of the store dedicated to automotive products. After selecting a new license plate frame, Adams asked the sales clerk, “Do you have one of those doohickeys that go in a receiver hitch? But instead of saying Ford, Chevy, or Dodge, it needs to say Oregon Ducks?” The clerk replied, “No we don’t, but we’ve had customers ask for it. If you find one, would you let us know?”

 That clerk had no idea the impact that statement would have on him. Adams worked as a Sales Engineer at a manufacturing company in Portland and was constantly on the prowl for new product ideas. He didn’t need to be told twice that an opportunity was staring him straight in the face!!

Working late hours with a mechanical design engineer, the original Duck Tail trailer hitch cover was created. The design was approved by the University of Oregon, manufactured locally, and sold to the Duck Shop.

Soon after the release of the Duck Tail, Adams was getting requests from other schools who wanted a Beaver Tail (Oregon State University) and a Dawg Tail (University of Washington). Very quickly, Logo Products was growing by adding more collegiate licenses and many new products.

Today, Logo Products provides a complete line of collegiate licensed, specialty automotive novelty items geared to the tastes of university alumni and students. We are a registered Standard Licensee of The Collegiate Licensing Company as well as many other independent university licensing departments. Logo Products is poised for growth with plans to offer more schools and a wider selection of products to our retail and online customers.